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Did You Know?

Greenport and the surrounding area is subject to a semi-diurnal tide. This means that there are two high and two low tides each 24 hour period. The height of the tides is dependent on wind direction, barometric pressure and the shape of the bottom of the bay. The most important influence is the position of the moon. At full mon the tides are especially high and those tides are referred to as "Spring" tides. During a new moon the tides are lowest and these tides are known as "Neap" tides. On the east coast the greatest tide range exists in the Bay O fundy in the Gulf of Maine. The tidal range there may be as high as 25 feet!


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Lots of Photo Momements!

When coming out for a boat trip don't forget to bring your camera. When the little ones drive the boat, and they wear the captain's hat, it's pretty cute and many parents want pictures of their kids at the wheel. Of course if you want to take pictures of the captain and Max, well, that's just fine. Email us your photos we're happy to post them on our site. (

In order to protect ourselves against the sun, GLORY operates with a full awning in place. People that want a sun tan should go to the beach. It is more comfortable, especially for the children and the seniors to be out of the sun.

Although a few people have experienced mal-de mare (seasickness), in their lives, to my knowledge not one passenger has ever gotten sick while on GLORY. At the beginning of each cruise we give out tootsie-roll lollipops, which do a magnificent job of calming nerves and stomachs.



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